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Window Tinting of Champaign, Decatur, Springfield and Bloomington

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We are Champaign-Urbana's oldest and most experienced window tinting shop. We are experts at tinting your home, business or automobile.

Ztech Window Tinting

We tint windows on cars, trucks, planes, boats, homes, houses, buildings, commercial property. Anything with windows we can tint. We apply window tinting in the Decatur IL, Bloomington IL, Springfield IL, Champaign IL area and more.

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Window Tint Removal

“Window Tint Removal” may become necessary when the old tint wears out. Even though they were applied to protect the windows are one time, some owner may decided to remove them later on. In order to preserve the window, a proper procedure must be followed to accomplish the task correctly.

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Window Tints are heat rejection films that are applied to the interior flat surface of windows, mostly in cars. They are many advantage for apply such tints in your car, including health hazards, safety and preserving the value of your car. They also look very nice if done correctly. They can also reduce the amount of infrared and visible light form entering into the car.

Window Tinting Illinois.

There is also a certain limit to how low your tint can go before it is considered breaking the law, therefore always check your local regulations before investigating in window tints. Tints are measured in VLT ( visible light transmission ) and the lower the VLT is the darker the tint is . You can imagine how dangerous tints may be if not used correctly, posing threats not only to other motorist but the the police as well. Even thought Window Tints have benefits when used according to the law, sometimes it becomes necessary for “Window Tint Removal”.

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Window Tint Removal becomes necessary when the film starts bubbling or becomes purple-ish in colour. These are some symptoms of dying tint. Window Tint Removal should be done by a professional to ensure the safety of your windows but if you are a hands on person it should be easy for you to get the task done correctly.

Window Tinting Bloomington

Removing Window Tint by yourself is not that expensive and quite easily if followed correctly. The basic items needed are; garbage bag, water plus washing detergent, scraper or razor blade and steel wool for scraping of left over adhesive. Before you attempt anything with these materials, try to peel of the Window Tint on the side windows by peeling of from the edges. Side windows should come off easily and once you remove the tint spray the window and scrape of the left over glue. This may take some time so be careful not to damage the window.

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Removing tint on the rear widows which have defrosters is a bit different but generally following the same rules. To start of we have to steam the file, to do that you need soak the inside of the rear window and place a sheet of garbage bag on it. Let the rear window sit facing the sun. Try to get it host as possible. After about 20mins try to peel the film off, if it doesn’t work then leave it in the sun longer. Try to get the film off in one piece, rarely the film leaves a thin layer behind which means more work. You will have to try to steam it again and if it doesn’t work then your might have to take it to a professional. Remember not to use a blade on the defroster, as it might ruin it.

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This was a brief intro on Window Tint Removal, ; this article is purely from self knowledge and for educational purposes only. If you are interested in Window Tint Removal please contact a professional or learn it before you try from a trust worthy and legit source. This was not a tutorial therefore please be careful when trying, i take no responsibility of the outcome.

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